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Wedding and Birthday Photography

I graduated from Nanyang Technology University with a Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

It has been fairly typical for others to stereotype graduates from such fields as being extremely boring and rigid.

However, the truth could hardly be any further! Read on to find out more about me.



Other Hobbies

Other then photography, I enjoy laser sailing and wind-surfing.

Basking in the sun & being with Mother Nature is my cup of tea.

Boy, am I a sunshine boy or what??

I am also into inline skating too and have been doing that since 1994.

I took up an Inline Skating Instructor Program from ICP Singapore and I am now a certified Inline Skating Instructor.

So if you are seeking for a caring, patient, understanding and humorous Inline Skating Instructor….you might just have an idea who you should look for…..


Photography and Me

I love photography since young using compact film camera that time, and started offering my photography services since 2008.

I took up a few photography courses from both Photography Society of Singapore and  Knowledge Bowl to further upgrade myself.

My Advanced Photography Certificate was obtained from Steven Yee, one of the most prominent and outstanding photographers in Singapore.

He is also the founder of Knowledge Bowl.


I also contributed extensively in Ezinearticle covering important topics on photography.

As such, this earned me the title of “Expert Author” in ezinearticle.

By far, I love photographing my travels, the happenings on the streets and personal portraits.

You may like to check out my works from the “YongSak Photo Gallery“.

I will be most happy to accept comments of any kind, be it positive or negative, to enable further improvements to my photography skills.

Photography has always been, and will always be, one of my deepest passions in life!



Another Side of Me

I am also a volunteer Photographer for Club Rainbow, helping them to take photos during their events or functions.

Club Rainbow (Singapore) is a registered charity committed to helping children suffering from a range of chronic and life-threatening illnesses.


Some of My Thoughts

Being a Singapore freelance photographer for a few years, I realized that photography is what I enjoy doing and never gets tired of. I love photographing portraits and events, because this allows me to meet different people with different expressions and emotions.

Photography although was invented for scientific purpose, it has gradually transformed into an art form. Being an art, I do not believe in “mass production” outputting as many photographs as possible to satisfy my clients’ needs. Also, doing a snappy job is also not what I am being paid for (at least this is what I feel). My sincere apology if I rejected your offers/requests as I would rather stick to what I believe in, when photography is of concern.

As I always said, I may not be the best photographer as there will be many better ones out there. But I will want to be as professional as possible in my works and thank you for believing in me.



My Goals

Sometimes I wonder why is life so unfair.

Some are able to live the way they wanted it to be and even abuse what they had.

While there are many out there who are suffering from pain and hunger.

It really breaks my heart to see the children from poor countries suffering from illness and hunger, and there is nothing  they or their family (if they have any) can do!

In contrast, look at how fortunate the children are in developed countries, taking things for granted which conveniently builds on to their selfishness.

Actually we, who are the more fortunate ones, can do our bit for the children who are suffering.

I strive to contribute and do my part for them. I wish more people on the planet Earth will do so too, to make this world a better place for all.

As for my short term goal in this aspect, I am looking into taking photographs of the children from poor countries and compile them into an album.

Will sell this album and the money from the sales will be donated to the children.

Do let me know if you also have the same line of thoughts, as my strength may be limited….Cheers to the children.


yongsak freelance photographer


I am not sure if photography is my hobby or career, but I am sure this is what I love!


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