Got an email from World Ventures, USA for a photography assignment.

Quickly take a look at their website to find out more about what they do.

I really like their slogan, ” Make a living…Living“.

It is good to find out more about your client, so that the photographs speak the same story.


World Ventures, with headquarters in USA is a lifestyle company that markets travel-related products.

They publish a relating magazine periodically and they wish to feature one of their Sales Representative living in Singapore.

 singapore freelance photographer world ventures

The theme of this photography session is to be fun, relax and causal.

Quickly made an appointment with Mr Dennis and we met at One Fullerton.

Both Mr Dennis and his wife are very warm and friendly.

After finding out what they do, we started the fun photography session.

We chatted and joked throughout the session.

As usual, I talked a lot about photography and I seriously hope they were not too bored by it. =P


It was a very warm and bright sunny day.

If not for the 2 flash guns I brought, the photos will not turn out nice due to the extreme contrast.

Under such situation, I rather then battle with the Sun, thus we went searching for shades.


I am proud and glad that World Ventures love my photos.

What can be more satisfying than this for a photographer?

yongsak freelance photographer singapore


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