I was very excited when gotten an assignment to have a photo-shooting session with a group of fun, energetic and “playful” Poly grads.

There are 11 of them in total and none of them had such a photography session before. Thus they are as excited as I am.

I reassured them it is going to be a fun and memorable experience. Think of nothing, but fun fun fun!

Indeed all of us had fun, including myself. They are so really cool!

i love taking then in action and above is one of the shots I like.

As they are the “Usual Suspects”, I have to mosaic their faces to “protect” their identify! hahaha….

Gals and Guys, remember this moment and wish you guys FRIENDS FOREVER!

Good friends are hard to come by, treasure them.

During the photo-taking session, I inevitably recalled my secondary and polytechnic times.

I really miss those times…………………………………

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