A token given to me by one of my photography client.

Thank you very much I and sincerely appreciate it. =)

Took some photos of it, with some of my interpretation of life.


Life should be beautiful filled with colors. How long was it since you last looked at the environment around you?

Did you notice the green trees, the blue sky, the golden sun, etc?

No you didn’t???? Why???

What are we busy with? Or we simply take them for granted?

Shouldn’t life be sweet and colorful? Is it that difficult to achieve?


How willing are we in terms of giving and sharing?

If you have a Jar of Everything, will you give it to the one you love?

Or will you keep it for yourself?

What caused us to make this decision? How many are willing to share?

Not many I suppose. What caused us to make such decision?

It is reality? Past experiences? Fear of losing?

If we are willing to give and share, there will be less hungry children suffering………..

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