Shot quite a handful of photos with Alvotor, a Singapore company gathering young designers who design t-shirts liked by the community.

This time, Alvotor is also displaying young talents in Hip Hop Dancing, which is one of the coolest activity in town.

Its great to see them pursuing what they love and enjoy doing.

Like Alvotor, me too believe that there are many talents in Singapore waiting to be discovered.

With enough practice and exposure, they will be our future stars!

I am not into dancing, but I can see Hip Hop Dancing really requires lots of hard work and attitude.

Take a look at how they practice and you will understand what I am saying.

Success comes after lots of hard work and I hope they will press on and be one of the world best dancer!

All the best guy and hope Alvotor can continue to scout for more young talents who loves what they are doing.

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