Got an assignment and this time, was asked to take family portraits.

On the day of assignment, I arrived a little too early and the family was not prepared.

While waiting, I was viewing the photographs they took previously and learnt that they always do this on their wedding anniversary.

How cool and sweet this is! =)

I was determined to capture sweet moments of this family, hopefully to put a smile on their face when they review the photos many years later.


This couple has a beautiful daughter and a lovely new born.

The family is so warm and friendly that I forgot the 1hour is up….I just kept shooting. =P


At the end of the session, realized the daddy also uses a DSLR, but not sure how to.

Spent some time sharing with him how to use it and the settings most convenient for him.

Encouraged him to learn more on photography, so that he can snap photos of his children growing up.


When I delivered the photos, I left the house feeling satisfied as they love the photos very much and daddy learnt more on how to use a DSLR.

This feeling is just amazing…… =)


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