I was very delighted when my client called me again to be her son’s birthday party photographer!

I was first engaged to take photos of their lovely son a couple of months ago.

He was already very bright then as he would deliberately turn away when the camera was pointing at him.

Nevertheless, that did not deter me from taking photos of him smiling at my camera. =)


I was attracted by the beautiful decorations when I arrived the venue for their 1 year old son’s birthday party.

For that, I was assured a fantastic background when taking photographs.


Wow! So many kids in this room.

I really love taking photographs of children, capturing their actions and more importantly, expressions!


It was a fun assignment and I enjoyed myself throughout!

I would not deny that I was a little tired, trying to “chase” the kids around and jumping with them.

Looks like I need more exercise to catch up. =D

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