I am their photographer for their ROM.
Sincerely thank Joe and Mich for having me again as their Actual Day Wedding photographer.
The day was packed with love…..fun….and much laughter!
Honestly, I was immediately pulled into and immersed the mood.

wedding photographer singapore dad reflections

A reflection of Bride’s dad. His full of smile that day. =)

Proceed to Bride’s room and she was having her make-up done.

Noticed the simple yet elegant dressing table.

singapore freelance photographer dressing table

The gorgeous and beautiful Bride.

wedding photogrqapher singapore bride

I believe this is the period where the parents would have mixed feeling……I guess…

freelance photographer singapore bride veil

Here come the Groom and his warriors! CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wedding photographer singapore groom

Reminded me of the 60s…..

singapore freelance photographer bride and groom

Couple’s first march in. The room was filled with blessing and smiles.

wedding photographer singapore march in
Dinner time……the couples were tired and they deserve a good meal.

singapore freelance photographer

Back to their bridal room……the phone rang and groom picked it up…..reminded me of a bust president. =p

wedding photographer singapore groom


wedding photographer singapore

Warmest wished from the brothers!

wedding photographer singapore brothers

PEACE! Was what the groom said. This was not a beauty pageant contest.
It was a special day for Joe and Mich…..Wish you a blissful marriage and Happy Ever After……

singapore wedding photographer joe peace

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