Got an assignment for a family portraits on the 7th day of Lunar New Year.

This is the day where the Chinese believe is everyone’s birthday, aka 人日。

This assignment made an interesting start to my day! =)


It was really a big family and it seems like they were there to have fun….GREAT FUN!

Without further delay, I quickly set myself to “Shoot & Have Fun” mode and started clicking away.

There is actually nothing much I need to do as they are already having fun and wearing beautiful smiles.

But some of the younger ones seemed still sleepy though. =p

yongsak photography assignment

Despite that, the energy level is still very high….especially the adults!

Took many photos and the one below is one of my personal favorite.

yongsak photography assignment

A sweet, beautiful and shy little girl with her sunshine young uncle.

Simply love this assignment and I am glad that they like the photos taken. =)

Thank you for having me as your photographer and wish the big happy family and Happy Happy New Year!

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