Got an assignment for a family portfolio and I gladly took it up once I heard there are kids and little animals to “shoot”!

They live in a very beautiful condo with nice and quiet environment. It felt like walking down the street of up-class holiday resort if I am honest.

When the door opened, I was greeted by a very friendly little dog who kept sniffing my feet! Hopefully my feet do not smell too abnormal. =p

The day was great with welcoming weather and soothing light. Did a simple family photo as warm-up for the family, pets (1 parrot, 3 cats and a friendly little dog) and myself.

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 It was great fun when the ball started rolling!

The elder daughter is so adorable and she is pretty good in giving me poses! Most of the time I let her play with the pets or her sister so as to capture the natural and playful side of her.
The younger daughter has a pair of beautiful and attractive eyes. Trust me, you will not take your eyes off hers when you stare into them!

It was a great session and I seriously enjoyed it! Look forward to have more of such sessions.


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