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My name is Yong Sak and I am a Singapore freelance photographer.

Welcome to my photography website which offers my professional photography services.

I love children and enjoy “shooting” them.
This is also why I specializes in birthday party photography (since 2007), rather being an all rounder photographer (Jack of all trades, master of done).

Being a passionate Singapore freelance photographer, I strive to give you nothing (no nonsenses) but my best, putting my photography skills and knowledge at work.

Feel free to view  my photography blog where beautiful moments are captured.

It’s My First Birthday Party!

singapore freelance photographer

Let us start with a nice group photo!

singapore birthday party photographer

The birthday boy is so excited. =D

singapore photographer

Let’s have a nice family photo.

singapore photographer

Who’s peeping? =p

singapore freelance photogtapher

The food must be REALLY GOOD!

singapore birthday party photographer

Birthday boy shouldn’t do without a crown.

singapore photographer

Looks like he is busy with many calls to take. =)

singapore freelance photographer

Like I always tell my clients. You don’t have to pose them, just capture them at the right moments.

birthday party photographer

Quite an interesting show…haha… =D

singapore freelance photographer

Love this photo. Everyone is happy and enjoying the moment.

singapore photographer

Time for cake cutting. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

Feel free to check out my photography service.

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